Who We Are

Laura + Cherry


With MoreMulher we intend to provide a world for all to leave aside any individual or collective political perspectives and focus on the spirit and the self. The powers that those can provide. The magic that those develop.  You can change the world. You can manifest your dreams. But without a strong center, you cannot go as far as you intend. 

Being a woman is very important and we want to emphasize that through our photography work. 

We believe our photoshoot sessions provide a therapeutic experience for all of our muses and clients where they learn how to build a stronger center with their new found confidence. We are here to help you find your feminine power and through that change parts of your life that you might be unhappy with. You can do anything you want, you are bound by nothing

Be a woman, not a doll.  


Cherry: @_bombcherry

Laura: @woooptywuuu